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What intelligence officials, pilots, and politicians have to say about UAP is clear — they exist, they are real objects, and they move too fast to explain. This makes UAP one of the most intriguing scientific mysteries of our time. Yet most people are unaware!

In their own words

The core of UAP Guide—read quotes from politicans, intelligence officials, and government reports with first-hand accounts from military pilots interleaved into a narrative.

Learning path

To keep learning about UAP, the most credible documentaries and books are arranged in a learning path.


To explore on your own, read some of the most important articles from major news organizations and government reports related to UAP/UFOs.


Why make a guide about UAP? We think there is a real benefit to becoming aware that UAP exist, beyond the thrill of a good mystery about the universe. Even considering the possibility gives us an opportunity to look at humanity from a new perspective, like an astronaut looking back at earth.

UAP Guide is a volunteer team from the tech industry with a mission to raise public awareness about UAP to unlock funding for scientific discovery and political support for disclosure.

Brad Crispin

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May 27, 2022