UAP Guide

A 15-minute introduction to unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP)

"If you are new to the subject of UAP (or know someone who is), this is a concise and innovative new UAP Guide that can quickly help people get up to speed."
Christopher Mellon
Fmr. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

"Finally, a tool that is simple yet effective, that communicates the seriousness of this new reality involving UFO/UAP. Informative, accurate, and elegant. People should feel free to use UAP Guide as a first step in their journey into this new paradigm for humanity."
Luis Elizondo
Fmr. Head of Pentagon UAP program

"There's a huge public demand for information on UAPs and people want this issue taken seriously. UAP Guide details the evidence and asks the questions that need to be asked."
Ross Coulthart
Author and investigative journalist

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Recommended by

Luis Elizondo

Frmr. Director Advanced Aerospace Threat Identificiation Program (AATIP), head of Pentagon UAP program

Christopher Mellon

Frmr. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Ross Coulthart

Author and investigative journalist

Hal Puthoff

Frmr. Senior Science Advisor AATIP, To The Stars Co-Founder

Tom DeLonge

To The Stars Co-Founder

Ryan Graves

Chair, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) UAP Community of Interest

Alejandro Rojas

Head of Research and Content, Enigma Labs, Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies Board Member

Gary Voorhis

President, UAPx

Nick Pope

UK Ministry of Defence (Ret.) and author

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The 15-minute guide to UAP/UFOs you can share at work.

UAP = Unidentified aerial phenomena.

A curation of authoritative quotes from presidents, intelligence officials, military pilots, politicians, and government reports.

What they have to say is clear.

Read quotes in 15 minutes

Learning path to keep going

Easy to share

Find out why there are Congressional hearings.

A look at UAP directly from the sources.


A briefing for congressional staffers, friends, and your mom.

Just-the-facts about UAP. This is a description of the phenomenon, not an explanation.

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