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Global phenomena

All over the world. There have been sightings all over the world.
John Ratcliffe

Director National Intelligence

3/22/2021 | The Guardian

Allies have seen these. China has created its own version of a UAP task force, so clearly a number of countries have seen objects in their airspace that they can't identify.
Scott Bray

Deputy Director Navy Intelligence

5/17/2022 | Congressional hearings

Both countries [China and Russia] have active UFO groups... They certainly have had their own incidents over the years... France has had an official UFO investigative group for decades. This is very much a global phenomenon.
Christopher Mellon

Dep. Asst. Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

5/30/2021 | The Joe Rogan Experience

For twenty-one years, from 1983 to 2004, I was the director of the French program to investigate and analyze unidentified aerospace phenomena... The existence of UFOs is without question. UFO's seem to be 'artificially controlled objects' and their physical characteristics can be measured by our detection systems — particularly radar. They display a physics seemingly far different from that which we employ in our most technologically advanced countries. Ground and on-board radar show that their performance greatly exceed our best aeronautical and space capabilities. These capabilities include stationary and silent flights, accelerations and speeds defying the laws of inertia...
Jean-Jacques Velasco

Director GEPAN
Head of French UAP program

2010 | UFOs: Generals ... p 128

In 10 of the 11 cases [investigated], the conclusion was that the witnesses had witnessed a material phenomenon that could not be explained as a natural phenomenon or a human device. One of the conclusions of the total report is that behind the overall phenomenon there is a 'flying machine... whose modes of sustenance and propulsion are beyond our knowledge.'
National Security Agency

Declassified summary of GEPAN report, French Government UAP office

1999 | Document

Hundreds of people [in 1989] saw a majestic triangular craft with a span of approximately 120 feet, powerful beaming spotlights, moving very slowly without making any significant noise, but, in several cases, accelerating to very high speeds. [In] the following days and months, many more sightings would follow... On one occasion two F-16s registered changes in speed and altitude which were well outside the performance envelope of existing aircraft.
Wilfred De Brouwer

Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Belgian Air Force

2010 | In Plain Sight, p 89

The crafts performed in ways not possible by known technology. They were able to remain stationary and hover, even in unusual positions such as vertical and/or banking at 45 degrees or more. They could fly at slow speeds and accelerate extremely fast, faster than any known aircraft, and they remained silent, or made only a very slight noise, even when hovering or accelerating.
Wilfred De Brouwer

Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Belgian Air Force

2010 | UFOs: Generals ... p 35

On the morning of Number 2, 1982... I noticed... another 'aircraft'. It didn't have wings and it didn't have a tail, only a cockpit! It was an oval shape. What kind of airplane could that be?... I flew directly to a point along the trajectory of its elliptical course. It came toward me and flew right over me, on top of my aircraft, and stopped there, like a helicopter landing but much, much faster, breaking all the rules of aerodynamics. It was very close to my plane, only about 15 feet. I was astonished. I closed my eyes and I froze at this moment without reacting. There was no impact... It then flew off in a flash... One of the other pilots saw the whole thing... Right after landing, all three of us filed detailed, independent written reports about the incident.
Julio Miguel Guerra

Captain, Portuguese Air Force

2010 | UFOs: Generals ... p 49

On April 11, 1980 at 7:15 am...The squad commander... ordered me to take off ... to intercept the balloon before it got any closer to our base... Zeroing in on the balloon... I shot a burst of sixty-four 30mm shells, which created a cone-shaped 'wall of fire' that would normally obliterate anything in its path... but nothing happened. Then suddenly the object began to ascend very rapidly and head away from the base... I initiated a chase... at a speed of 600 mph and the 'balloon' remained about 1,600 feet in front of me... [up to] 36,000 feet. It came to a sudden stop and forced me to veer to the side... It eluded my attack three times, each time at the very last moment. We reached an altitude of 63,000 feet and suddenly the thing stopped completely and remained stationary... I got as close as about 300 feet from it. I was startled to see that the 'balloon' was not a balloon at all. It was an object that measured about 35 feet in diameter... It lacked all the typical components of aircraft. It had no wings, propulsion jets, exhausts, windows, antennae, and so forth. It had no visible propulsion system. At that moment, I realized this was not a spying device but a UFO, something totally unknown... Suddenly, I was afraid.
Oscar Santa Maria Huertas

Comandante, Peruvian Air Force

2010 | UFOs: Generals ... p 89

December 9, 1979 at around 9:15 am... The object [had] a precise contour, a gray metal color on the top and dark blue below, with no lights or portholes. It went about three meters from the ground, not stabilized, and then rose to the level of the trees [250 meters away], while continuously oscillating, then went down again slightly and stopped. It went up a little once again, always while oscillating; it tilted and accelerated quickly to reach a speed much higher than that of a Mirage III [French fighter jet capable of Mach 2], and disappeared.
Jean-Pierre Fartek

Captain, French Air Force

1979 | UFOs: Generals ... p 124

An outstanding report: this [1976 Tehran] case is a classic which meets all the criteria necessary for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon. The object was seen by multiple witnesses from different locations... and viewpoints. The credibility of many of the witnesses was high (an Air Force General, qualified aircrews and experienced tower operators). Visual sightings were confirmed by radar. Similar electromagnetic effects were reported by three separate aircraft. There were physiological effects on some crew members (i.e., loss of night vision due to the brightness of the object). An inordinate amount of maneuverability was displayed by the UFOs.
Roland Evans

Major Colonel, Defense Intelligence Agency

10/12/1976 | UFOs: Generals ... p 150

At about 11 pm on the evening of September 18, 1976, citizens were frightened by the circling of an unknown object over Tehran at a low altitude. It looked similar to a star, but bigger and brighter... And then I saw it. It was flashing with intense red, green, orange, and blue lights so bright I was not able to see its body... I approached, and I got close to it, maybe 70 miles or so in a climb situation. All of a sudden, it jumped about 10 degrees to the right, in an instant! [6.7 miles]. Ten degrees... And then it jumped 10 degrees, and then again... We now had a good [radar] return on the screen, and it was at 27 miles... At this moment, I thought this was my chance to fire at it. But it — whatever it was — was close to me, my weapons jammed and my radio communications were garbled. We got closer, to 25 miles at our twelve o'clock position. All of a sudden it jumped back to 27 miles in an instant... I was really scared... I attempted to fire, and looked at the panel to confirm my selection of the missile. Suddenly, nothing was working. The weapons control panel was out, and I lost all the instruments, and the radio. The indicator dials were spinning around randomly, and the instruments were fluctuating... [the UAP] started circling around us.
Parviz Jafari

General, Iranian Air Force

2010 | UFOs: Generals ... p 88